Thermography Training

How the training works…

Until everything changed, Med-Hot always arranged new customer training in person, at the office in Lakeland, Florida. We enjoyed the opportunity to know our new customer in person, to create a strong personal/professional relationship. Now we realize what an amazing opportunity that was for all of us…now that it is no longer a safe option.

Going forward, our technical thermography training will be online. We have found that it works well because we can share screens and it almost feels the same, we just do not share lunches anymore!

This is training for thermography technicians, the individuals who have been assigned the task of taking the client images. We can train two people hands-on, but others can join and watch. It’s recommended that the person at the front desk, or anyone who will be in a position to explain the process, to join portions of the training.

This is how it works:

There is a pre-recorded 4 module online Introduction Course to explain Thermography. We will send you an invitation to take the Introduction Course. There will be a quiz after each course. We recommend each class attendee take this course before training. We just need the email of each person who will take the introduction, even associates who may not be taking the technical training course.

Welcome Presentation
Module 1 – The Big Picture
Module 2 – Imaging Principles
Module 3 -Partnering with TotalVision Software
Module 4 -Marketing Thermography

Training is three full days on a Zoom meeting or similar application.

A commitment for full attention by the trainees is required.

Portions of the training will be a Power Point presentation, viewing the trainer’s screen.

Most of the thermography training is hands-on which means the trainee must schedule people who volunteer to let the trainees practice imaging them. The trainer will be viewing the trainee’s screen.

We will provide a schedule for all three days. Volunteers must be prepared to remove most of their clothing.

There will be a quiz at the end of each day.

After training is complete, the trainee will submit at least one full body study for critique. After passing, the training will receive a Training Certificate from Med-Hot.