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Your Thermal Future

Has the “pause” button created by this pandemic made you want to reconsider your priorities and your career? Do you have a desire for more control over your future? Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you.

Relevance, rather than timing is a lot more important when it comes to starting your own business. The world has changed a lot this past year and so have health priorities. Everyone is more aware than ever of the need to prioritize their own personal health as well as their family’s health. This has opened the door to new ideas, like ways to assess and monitor immune system health with the “novel” health friendly technology of Thermography.

You may not realize that Thermography, or Infrared (IR) Imaging for health purposes has been a career for so many who have a passion for improving health and helping others for at least 60 years. During that time we have learned so many ways to help and support people and their immune systems. Meanwhile, the technology has improved and transformed into an FDA approved medical device that is so safe that it can be utilized even by those without a medical license. However, you would have the support of medical doctors specifically trained to provide professional Thermography reports for your clients.

Imagine if you could offer a service to meet the need to help others prioritize ways to monitor and improve their health and immune systems. Immune health is primary for a healthy survival. Thermography is a safe way to meet that need. That is Relevance in the world as we know it today.

If you have a passion for helping others, you can change your future and the health future for so many others.

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Full Service

Med-Hot Thermal Imaging is a full-service Medical Application Provider with twenty years’ experience in Thermal Full Body Health Assessments. The new appreciation of the value of thermography creates a new opportunity for companies that offer in-house health services to expand into the thermal technology for the benefit of preserving the health of employees.

Our Commitment

We are committed to meeting the needs of those in the workplace by providing honest, quality and reliable thermal solutions to employers who offer the peace of mind of responsible health screening for employees.


The benefits of thermal assessments are:

  • Early recognition of the subtle signs of chronic disease for prevention
  • Thermal signs of immune system deficiencies which can be addressed with lifestyle recommendations
  • Early signs of inflammatory-related diseases for prevention

Our Goal

Our goal is to support better health and immune enhancement for a healthier, more pandemic resistant world. Thermography is the tool and Med-Hot Thermal Imaging is the support that can make that goal possible.