IR & The Workplace

The“New Normal”

No one doubts that we will see the world differently after the COVIDS-19 crisis. There are new needs that require new beliefs and acceptance of new systems.

It is widely believed and certainly unavoidable that there will be a second and possibly a third wave of the corona virus, just as there was 100 years ago. There is no way to imagine what that will look like. Our only real hope is that there will be a “cure” available to everyone. Meantime, new realities will drive a “new normal”.

As individuals, families, businesses, governments, and the world will be faced with making decisions to prioritize health safety and economic needs, there is a need to go back to work. Those who felt safe in their homes will also want to feel safe at work as they return. This fear cannot go back in the box.

This means that entryway screening with infrared cameras will now become an expected presence in all high traffic areas in the United States, as it has been in other countries for years.

Due to previous experience of unpreparedness it is now justifiably and widely accepted that this need for mass screening with infrared thermal imaging is permanent. Aside from the obvious current, desperate need to protect employee’s safety and maintain business continuity, ongoing employee absenteeism from illness costs U.S. companies billions of dollars each year. Going forward, we will see infrared cameras scanning for elevated temperatures at all employment entrances, throughout the year.  The ultimate resulting benefit is that for businesses that have a stay-at- home policy if the employee is sick; the screening at workplace entry will be a deterrent to those who are sick.

As manufacturing resources and parts availability are stretched to the limit, the waiting time for more cameras are now stretched out in terms of months, not weeks. Planning in advance is crucial.

Device Frame

Full Service

Med-Hot Thermal Imaging is a full-service Medical Application Provider with twenty years’ experience in Thermal Full Body Health Assessments. The new appreciation of the value of thermography creates a new opportunity for companies that offer in-house health services to expand into the thermal technology for the benefit of preserving the health of employees.

Our Commitment

We are committed to meeting the needs of those in the workplace by providing honest, quality and reliable thermal solutions to employers who offer the peace of mind of responsible health screening for employees.


The benefits of thermal assessments are:

  • Early recognition of the subtle signs of chronic disease for prevention
  • Thermal signs of immune system deficiencies which can be addressed with lifestyle recommendations
  • Early signs of inflammatory-related diseases for prevention

Our Goal

Our goal is to support better health and immune enhancement for a healthier, more pandemic resistant world. Thermography is the tool and Med-Hot Thermal Imaging is the support that can make that goal possible.