Our Vision

How are we Different?

Carol Chandler, Dr. of Oriental Medicine is the owner and president of Med-Hot Thermal Imaging.  She began her journey in Clinical Thermal Imaging in 2000 with the purchase of her first infrared camera for her private practice in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  The experience she has gained since those early days of clinical thermography is practical and real.

Dr. Carol’s unique experience in this field positions her as an expert in the use of infrared thermal imaging as it applies to human infrared emissions and the stories it tells about a person’s health. It includes her clinical involvement with the technology as well as her business-technical infrared encounters over the years. All thermal cameras and providers are not the same and she has learned that lesson well!

Over the past two decades, Dr. Carol has shared her knowledge and commitment with healthcare providers and clinical thermographers from around the world. She has overseen the interpretation of over 100 thousand clinical thermography studies. Her goal is to transfer as much of her experienced knowledge as possible so others can further advance the realization of the value of infrared in the assessment of health and the advancement of healthy survival.

Two high-profile industry leaders team up to provide professional solutions for clinical applications and a special application for monitoring individuals to protect health of those in a working environment. The Med-Hot Thermal Imaging system is FDA approved (K171928) and includes the proprietary TotalVision clinical software and the FLIR Systems A Series Science Cameras.

What makes us different?

  • Commitment
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Quality
  • Reliable
  • Accountable

We are aware that Infrared Thermal Imaging is the future of credible health assessment in the workplace and the clinic and we are prepared to advance and support the coming growth as part of the human health and wellness solution.

Med-Hot provides what is most valued by those seeking long-term solutions.