Benefits of EBT Screening

Thermal Imaging
for safe, efficient detection

of people with elevated body temperatures in groups

Public health organizations have used FLIR infrared cameras around the world to provide rapid, efficient thermal screening of high traffic areas. FLIR’s thermography cameras are particularly well suited to this because they can provide a temperature reading of a person’s face in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of the Med-Hot Solution as a Screening Tool

Simple, direct operation; non-specialists and specialists alike can operate a FLIR thermal camera and TotalVision EBT software

Results viewed on a detached computer screen, allowing for safe social distancing for the operator

Non-invasive thermal detection for the safety of those being screened

Instant recognition of temperature emission that take less than a second, allowing rapid screening to keep lines moving

Thermal images detect 100% accurate temperature differences as compared to a real-time control group with normal, non-febrile temperature.

Color palettes allow a visual heat map of skin temperatures in real time

Ability to select a temperature tolerance to determine which person has an “elevated body temperature” as compared to someone who does not.

Built-in functions like color and sound alarms

Thermal imaging cameras are not a replacement for a basal thermometer

A Thermographic examination for Elevated Body Temperature for fever assessment is a quick way to avoid physically taking the true basal temperature of a large group of people. This is efficiently accomplished by identifying individuals in a group who have a higher temperature than a control group with a confirmed normal temperature in the same environment.

Thermography sensors do not provide direct temperature measurement like a basal thermometer. The detected infrared radiation on the skin is converted to a displayed “apparent” skin temperature with compensating algorithms. However, this is not a person’s basal temperature.

The International Organization for Standardization directs temperature measurement target area between the eyes

A follow-up examination is required with a basal thermometer to make a responsible decision to take follow-up action.

No matter what a manufacturer claims or what strategy is employed, a displayed temperature on a thermal image is NEVER more accurate than a basal thermometer.