What our customers say

It is our pleasure to work with thermography professionals all over the U.S.A and, indeed, internationally.

With many years experience ourselves providing thermography services to patients, we know very well what is required to meet their needs. Having solid technology, well-supported by a team who is always there for you, is the foundation for any successful thermography clinic.

We're proud to present just a sample of the feedback we receive from the thermography professionals we work with daily.


New York

"I wanted to write this letter to let you know how much I appreciate and value the support you have given me as I have been developing my Medical Thermography business.

From the very beginning you have been teaching me, guiding me and encouraging me. You and Kristin have been accessible and have taken the time to answer my questions and help me to see and understand the nuances and subtleties that are inherent in the science and art of medical thermography.

When I have had technical challenges, you and David have treated me as if I were the only client you had and worked with me to resolve those issues, to the point where it has affected you personally. That is so very important that is and it means so much to me. I can’t thank you enough!

I am honored and pleased to be associated with you and to be using the systems that you have put together.

Your patience and professionalism, and that of your staff and everyone associated with Med-Hot Thermal Imaging is absolutely without equal."



Article and video on News Channel 13, New York.

New Jersey

"I am a Thermographer and a Holistic Nutritionist. I have been working with Med-Hot for quite some time. They have been the most supportive to me and my business. They take their time out of their day to help you no matter what it is. They dedicate themselves in helping you be successful, and be the best thermographer you can be. I am so thankful for Med-Hot, they are wonderful!"


"I have been offering thermography services in my integrative medical practice for 13 years. It has been a valuable, adjunct tool to functional medicine testing. Through the years I have updated my cameras to keep up with the new and improved technology. I have purchased almost all my equipment from Med-Hot. They offer a great package to a new or existing thermography practice that includes the latest and best equipment at a fair market price. In my experience with other dealers, I have not had the experience, professionalism and commitment to thermography that I have realized from Med- Hot.

Their training is by far the best in the industry with the assurance of continued tech support while utilizing their equipment. Their on-going commitment to provide the most user-friendly software for medical thermography is amazing and incomparable in the thermography world.

I also send all my scans to be interpreted by Physicians-Insight. Scans are read by MD’s and DO’s certified in Thermology. This gives me peace of mind and assurance concerning the skill level of my interpreters.

I would not hesitate to recommend Med-Hot LLC as a partner in a successful thermography practice."