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We believe there is another way for practitioners and patients to experience health care.

Our clients are progressive leaders in the emerging practice of thermography as a health discovery tool. It takes faith… and knowing you can succeed. If that is who you are, we want to know you!

We value each one of our partners and clients and commit our support enhanced by our years of practical experience. Our clients share a unique, synergistic relationship with Med-Hot, as we are the innovators. Our commitment to excellence in imaging is possible because of our higher standards for reliable, high performance technology and highly functional software.

We believe our clients - and in turn your patients - deserve the best. The reason we exist is to provide the very best in support, technology, and especially user and patient experience.

If you share our commitment to the highest standards then you will want to know us.

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Innovative TotalVision
Clinical Software
Technical and Physician
Privacy Imaging
TotalVision is specifically developed for Clinical use. Progressive, innovated and user friendly features make us the system of choice for medical professionals all over the world. You and your patients deserve the best of the best.   Training is not just a complement to our offering; it is our focus and passion.  Three full days of technical training and pre-training online study courses prepare you to professionally jump-start your career in clinical thermography.   We provide the tools to allow you respect privacy for your patient while imaging. Although the patient may say they don’t mind that the technician is in front of them during the exam, they appreciate the consideration and refer more friends!
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Why Med-Hot? Simply the best in the industry, that's why.